Dear *beautiful* clients,

I thank you so very much for all your calls, emails and texts of support during this time.  My Daddy was laid to rest yesterday...I just have no words to describe my sadness.

Blue Willow Skin Care will remail closed this upcoming week, September 23rd through 27th.  If you have a scheduled appointment, please watch for your cancellation text/email.

I will continue to post updates here as well as on Blue Willow Skin Care's Facebook page.

Your understanding is so greatly appreciated.




Dear *beautiful* clients,

It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with Daddy went to be with the Lord this morning. While I am OVERJOYED that he is in the presence of our Almighty God, I am so very sad for my family and me. I will miss so many things about this man...his humor (wicked funny!), his stories, his love for his family, his integrity. I will miss HIM. He was the best Daddy a girl could have asked for and I was blessed that he was mine!

At this time, I anticipate that Blue Willow will remain closed through the week of September 21-27.  However, I will keep you updated here as well as through Blue Willow Skin Care's Facebook page.




Follow me on TWITTER to be notified of any appointment's not a "cancellation list" per se - but it's the next best thing!


*note:  no "e" in blue!! 




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We're glad you're here...honored you chose Blue Willow
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